Commercial Fireplaces for Public Spaces


Hospitals, restaurants, and other public spaces have found that a fireplace can reduce stress. Before choosing a fireplace for your public space, you should know that gas or electric fireplaces have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, gas fireplaces are less expensive to operate than electric ones. But electric fireplaces can be more expensive to maintain. Check out this page to read more here about commercial fireplace.
Commercial fireplaces are a great way to add ambiance to your business. The warmth and light of a fire can appeal to customers and employees alike. This warm, inviting ambiance can lead guests to stay longer, which can increase sales and profits. They are a great addition to office lobby spaces and restaurants, too, since they create a homey feel for visitors.
Commercial fireplaces are energy efficient, and they can cut energy bills. They also create a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment for guests. Plus, they don't pose ventilation or smoke problems. Many commercial fireplaces are also designed to be easy to use. And many come with smart home features. These include remote controls and the ability to customize the flame and heat settings.
Montigo has been a leader in the fireplace industry for decades. Its design innovations have contributed to the evolution of the industry. Today, Montigo products are the heart of warm, inviting spaces. And since the company combines decades of manufacturing excellence with collaboration with designers and architects, they continue to create a fireplace for every space. Their dedication to innovation drives their product development and design.
Commercial fireplaces can be made-to-order and can be designed to be the focal point of a large space. Their glass height can range anywhere from 12 inches to 58 inches. They also come in a variety of trim options, and they may even include accent lighting, depending on the design of your commercial space.
Whether you're choosing an open-faced gas fireplace or an insert fireplace, you must understand the safety requirements. Proper clearance is essential to avoid fire hazards. Modern fireplaces have added safety features, and some models even feature cool wall technology. Regardless of whether you choose an open-faced or direct-vent gas fireplace, you must understand the installation process and safety requirements before purchasing a fireplace for your business. Choose now the Dreifuss Fireplaces firm to get the best services.
In addition to installing fireplaces in businesses, you can also use fireplaces in public spaces. Whether you need a fire feature for your restaurant, lounge, or even a hotel, Montigo designs fire features to fit your needs. From the initial consultation to the installation, our team of experts will ensure that you get the perfect fireplace for your needs.

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